Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cheat Ninja Saga 10 in 1 (RENEWAL)

Tools :
Instructions :
  1. Download Fiddler
  2. Open / Execute Fiddler
  3. Now Click on the Autoresponder Tab
  4. Tick both "Enable Automatic Responses" and "Permit passthrough for unmatched requests"
  5. Drag the .swf file you downloaded to the Autoresponder
  6. It would be automatically parsed there
  7. Clear your Cache > Refer "CACHE CLEAR"
  8. Open Ninja Saga
Now Your Done , Congratulations for that ! Now clear your cache !
How to clear the cache:
  • For Mozilla Firefox :
Click -> Options -> Advanced -> Network Tab -> Clear Now -> OK

  • For Google Chrome :
Click the wrench icon in the top right of Google Chrome -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data (2)

Tips & Tricks

This hack Features :
  • All Missions are Instant . (Completed Instantly)
  • You can do Premium Missions ( Without Emblem )
  • 1 Hit K.O. Hunting House's Boss (All Hunting House's Bosses are very easy to kill (1HIT) Updated the New Boss Lv 55)
  • Added Special Mission 10K, 10.5K, 18K, 15K, etc. XP . You can find them in Grade C & D Missions . ( Limit is 2 Times of Use )
  • Chunin / Jounin Exams are Instant ( Completed Instantly )
  • All BOSS Level 1 (all MOBs of House Hunting accessible from level 1)
  • Gold Mission Trick/Hack ( Hardworking Student )
  • Added Giant Dummy · Aniversary BOSS
  • Reset / Remove Skill (You can now remove all the skills of an element and change / choose another element ) ( Buy the skill you want to be removed )
  • Halloween Missions are now Instant (Halloween Missions Instantly added)
  • Added Gold Hack # 2 (A fast and decent way to raise money, read Info)
  • Added TP Hack Mission (read Info)
  • Added XP Hack (read Info)
  • Added Attribute Points Reset Hack (read Info)
Info :
  • The new Gold Hack is located on Shop Hack Gold+Dreadroots Folder . Just drag it to Fiddler and start buying gold on the Shop. Note : Ninja Saga is banning any account that has 9 -> 10 digits of Gold
  • The second feature is the Talent Point Hack, You must complete any Grade E missions and will receive 10 TPs Instantly ( Do as many times as you want )
  • The third feature, is the XP Hack , Its located on the Shop Hack XP+Dreadroots Folder . Drag it to Fiddler2 and you can start buying XP on the Shop. After you bought XP , You must buy Update Character and you need to wait forawhile for it to be saved on your character ( About 5 - 10 minutes )
  • Next is the Reset Profile Attribute hack : ). The name explains everything i guess. Note : After you've reset your profile/character you need to refresh .
  • The newly updated is our Token Fire Jutsu Effects Hack made by our team


  1. reset atribut sama ganti skil ga work ya gan,,??

  2. Do i have to close fiddler after doing all what u say? and then open ninja saga coz if it is open the fiddler its refresh page for ns

  3. a new patch has been release by ninja saga? can you update the cheats? coz its not working anymore.. thanks... and goodluck.. more power

  4. gan, udah bli xp, tpi waktu bli update charnya langsung reset otomatis, gmn?

  5. @bima beli xp, terus di update char nya.. terus tunggu fiddlernya selesai bekerja..halaman NS nya jgn di close dulu..semakin tinggi lvl, semakin lama waktunya

  6. bro tuh cheat learn jurus sama exp cheat ga bs ya?? thx..

  7. @kira learn jutsunya dah ga bisa..
    exp nya masih bisa. habis beli jgn lupa update char. sama tunggu fiddlernya selesai bekerja

  8. sudah beli exp,tapi gag ada yang terjadi..
    update char itu maksudnya update pointnya y ?

  9. sekarang cheat exp udah ga work.
    kayanya udah di patch waktu MT tadi

  10. yach, udah g isa yach cheat exp nya.. ckckckc.. T.T

    cz aq coba bolak-balik, waktu bli update char, lagsung ad tampilan refresh the page....,

    klu cheat token n emblem ad g y, gan????


  11. cheat goldnya juga,.
    klo ada cheat goldnya dong gan,.
    tulung yaa,hehe..

  12. nih cheat dah gak work gan....pas ane coba suruh refres trus

  13. smua permanen kah?

  14. barusan aku coba work gan....coba putar otak agan2 sekalian..

    jangan terpaku dengan step diatas

  15. msih work ga bro ??
    thanks be4

  16. link swf nya bermasalah kk cielo..

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